Squatting & Illegalism:

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, #1: Thieving Fundamentals, Shoplifting, Expropriation

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, #2: Lockpicking

It’s Vacant, Take It!

Opening Doors: A Primer

Survival Without Rent (2020)

Attack & Get Home Safe

Be Water, Set Fire

Elements of a Barricade

Radical Action for Prison Abolition

Warrior Crowd Control and Riot Manual

Targets That Exist Everywhere

We Give a Shit: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh G20 Summit

Insurrectionary Anarchism

Why I Broke 24 Surveillance Cameras, and How I Did It

A Recipe for Nocturnal Direct Actions

Tin Foil is the New Black

Top 10 Midwest Emo Pedals (Monkeywrenching Heavy Machinery)

Fuck Cars: A Primer on Road-Spiking

A Guide to CCTV Destruction

ATMs, Fare Machines, and Parking Meters

Top 10 Dogs I Petted (An Incendiary Primer)

Sabotage As One of the Fine Arts

Pepperspray, CS, & Other “Less-Lethal” Weapons

Fire at Midnight, Destruction at Dawn: Sabotage and Social War

Cracking Screens: A Scam App Primer

Troublemakers Guide to Rose City: Sabotaging Everyday Life

The Writings of an Arsonist, parts 1, 2 & critique

Signals of Disorder: Sowing Anarchy in the Metropolis

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back

Excited Delirium: a protestor’s guide to “less-lethal” police weaponry


Further Reading

Anarchy: Civil or Subversive? A Reader

A Projectual Life

Towards Insurrection: Anarchist Strategy in an Era of Popular Revolt (Philly)

We All Float Down Here: RAM’s “floating tactics” & the Long Hot Summer of 1967

War on Patriarchy, War on the Death Technology

Blessed is the Flame

The Anarchist Tension – Alfredo Bonanno



For an Anarchist Radio Relay League

Antifa Super Solider: Strength Training

What is Prisoner Support?

Hack This Zine #12

Herbal Abortion